The Foundation Bar

Get Your Skin in a Bottle!

RendezVou Beauty Emporium has teamed up with Melli Cosmetics and are proud to present to you... 


As women we are all in search for that perfect foundation. I have always struggled finding the best shade for my skin. Most cosmetic products are sold within stores that contain artificial lighting, so what looks great inside often does not when you get home. I have found some too pink or too orange, and finding that line appearing around the jaw, that I'm sure was not there when I applied it earlier! I also want to wear a foundation that suits my skin type and texture, but where is this perfect blend?

Did you know that 76% of women are wearing the wrong shade of foundation? 

When I found out that I could have a foundation designed especially for me to combat all of these issues, I was not only excited, but knew this would be life changing! So it is with much pleasure that we are bringing you this opportunity of a custom blend with "THE FOUNDATION BAR"

We want to get to know you and your skin, customise the perfect shade for you so you can find YOUR PERFECT MATCH

MELLI Cosmetics are Vegan and cruelty free with skin loving and anti ageing ingredients. It is a mineral and botanical formula that loves your skin and is created especially for you. 

Your Texture, Your Shade, Your Coverage, Your Formula,

Custom Blends are $65 and includes your 40ml custom blend!