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Manage your bookings, anytime, anywhere, its all about conveinence
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  1. Create
    Create Your profile on This will allow you to check your upcoming appointments, reschedule, or cancel your booking
  2. Control
    You have complete control over your own schedule, log in anytime, add services, change your times, days, or service.
  3. Confirm
    You can confirm your appointment times and dates, anytime anywhere. Appointments are placed directly into our booking system so there is no need to double check your appointment
  4. STEP 1
    Go to Go to profile and sign up you can choose... sign up with facebook continue with google or sign up with email
  5. STEP 2
    Enter your details and hit the "sign up" button You will now have created your profile. If you have already created your profile, you can go directly to log in. At the bottom of your screen, you will find your navigation options where you can add us to favourites (click the little heart at the top right hand side of the screen)
  6. STEP 3
    To make a booking via Fesha go to favourites, select RendezVou Beauty Emporium, now you can book directly from this page. You can also just click the book now button on this page or the home page. Select the appointments section to search for your upcoming appointments and also your past appointments.